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PT. Ammar Agro Industri (AAI)

Thanks and let's move towards a brighter future

Company Profile

Initially AAI was active in the field of Developer, Contractor services and General Trade. Thanks to the grace and provision of Allah, we have succeeded in building 18 projects for Port and Wharf Facilities and Procurement of Steel Piles at several ports in Indonesia from 2006 to the year. 2020.

Time goes by, learning and mental maturation while working in the Developer, Contracting and Trading services business, leading AAI towards a relatively more permanent and benevolent business field, beneficial for socio-economic improvement and community welfare, especially for those who are not fortunate economically.

To realize these noble ideals, AAI together with experienced and fully dedicated experts in quality and services provide Passive Income Property (PIP) by building an integrated Arenga Plantation with Moringa Gardens and their agro-industry.

PIP Developer we mean is a company that develops an area by building productive assets particularly for the local community and the wider community in general, so that the confirmed area becomes a teritory that is progressively developing economically. Increasing the standard and dignity of life of the elected-community in particular by providing a relatively decent amount of income / income to be able to live in prosperity, without having to work or do business from the said assets.

Vision & Mission


Becoming as an Asset-Productive Developer Corporation for the benefit of society.


Services of Description


Providing consultancy services for the development of agribusiness and agroindustry as well as its derivative businesses.


Capital investment and cooperation in the construction and development of business units.


Providing administrative, technical and financial assistance to business partners and the community.


Collaborating mutually beneficial and full of equality with business partners and the community.


Business digitalization through the application of ICT (information communication technology), technological engineering and fintech (financial technology).


Encouraging local business actors and businesses to become national and international (global) based on the benefit of the community.

Service Advantages

Honesty, Integrity & Responsibility

Giving services honesty, integrity and responsibility as well as a strong sense of brotherhood.

Skilled, Expert & Professional Personnel

Served by skilled personnel, experts and professionals in various scienfic fields required by business partners.

Innovation & Efficiency

Services focused on innovation and efficiency of business processes as well as benefits to the wider community

Environmental Sustainability

In providing services, always prioritizing the values that develop in the community (local wisdom) and environmental sustainability.

Why Choose Us

Managing “integrated Arenga plantations with Moringa plants” as PIP which provides monthly passive income in poverty alleviation towards a prosperous and sovereign society

The products from the plantations are processed with environmentally friendly technology.

All products are packaged attractively, hygiene, halal and do not contain preservatives.

The products are varied, including Kolang-kaling, Nira, Arenga Sugar, Bioethanol and product of Moringa.

All products are purely from natural, rural sources

Our Product

From the Agroforestri plantations that we manage, produce several types of products, including:

Moringa Leaves

Moringa Leaves are a Superfood

Superfoods are foods that have a high concentration of nutrients and phytochemicals that are very beneficial to human health. Superfoods have usually been scientifically tested and have clear track records of their scientific value. Some experts call it a functional food (functional food). Not all functional foods are superfoods, but every superfood is functional food. Foods that include superfoods can improve health and fitness. Unfortunately not all superfoods are created equal.

Moringa leaves have a high nutritional content profile

Solid Moringa leaves contain nutrients, minerals, and essential amino acids. Every 100 grams of dried kelir leaves contain the following compounds:

  • 2 times higher in protein than yogurt
  • 7 times higher in vitamin A than carrots
  • 3 times higher in potassium than bananas
  • 4 times higher in calcium than milk
  • 7 times higher in vitamin C than oranges
  • Moringa Garden

    Moringa Fruit

    Moringa Seeds

    Moringa Seed Oil

    Moringa Leaf Tea

    Moringa Plant Roots

    Kolang-kaling (foods containing carbohydrates, mulvitamins, fiber and phytonutrients).

    Sugary sap for Organic Sugar:  Liquid Sugar (Nectar) 

    Sugary sap for Organic Sugar: Cubes Palm Jaggery

    Palm Jaggery ( Rocked Arenga Sugar)

    Granulated Arengasugar

    Bio-ethanol (Alcohol); Farma-grade and Fuel-grade

    All products are purely from natural, rural sources.





    1. Indonesian citizens
    2. Age 21 years and / or married
    3. The right to “passive income” does not control land assets
    4. Quota registration
    5. A written agreement is made with the manager
    6. Investors/prospective owners of passive income provide the value of the garden price/passive income properties for 5 year
    • Personal savings that are blocked up to the value of Passive Income
    • Convert Gold Financing worth 50 grams


    1. Managed by PT Ammar Agro Industri (AAI)
    2. Production results are converted in the form of fixed income (Passive Income)
    3. Can be passed on to family members


    1. Indonesian citizens
    2. Age 21 years and / or married
    3. Opening an Account at BSI 
    4. Initial deposit of IDR 100,000
    5. Proof of registration of ownership of passive income or fixed income
    6. The initial deposit for prospective owners of passive income is IDR 10,000,000
    7. Created a loan facility for Gold Installment financing @ 50 grams
    8. Selling Price of Gold in installments for 60 months
    9. Passive Income from Agroforestry Ammar


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    PT. Ammar Agro Industri (AAI)

    Thanks and let”s move towards a brighter future